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  • Whistleblowers Can Bring a Qui Tam Action
The Law Office of Craig Stephan handles Qui Tam actions brought by whistleblowers, also known as relators, under the federal False Claims Act. We also handle claims by whistleblowers for retaliation by an employer.
If a company submits a false claim for payment to the government, the company may incur liability under the False Claims Act. This can arise in a number of scenarios, including improper claims submitted to Medicare by pharmaceutical companies or health care providers, false claims submitted by defense contractors or other government contractors, and improper claims for payment submitted under numerous government programs. A person who is an original source of information about false claims may be able to file an action under seal in federal court on behalf of the government. The government will then decide whether it wishes to intervene and join in the action. If monies are collected on behalf of the government, the person who initiated the action may receive a portion of the amount collected, which can be substantial.
Whenever a whistleblower contacts our office to discuss conduct by an employer that may violate the False Claims Act, the consultation is confidential and protected by the attorney-client privilege.