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The Law Office of Craig Stephan handles claims for personal injuries caused by another person’s wrongful conduct. The circumstances of personal injury cases vary. Injuries can arise from the wrongul conduct of physicians, other professionals, product manufacturers, and others.
Over the course of more than thirty-two years, Mr. Stephan has handled many cases involving serious and complex medical injuries. He can draw on this experience to work with your treating health care providers and others to determine the extent of your injury and the full measure of your damages.
We also handle claims for the death of a loved one, caused by another person’s wrongful conduct. The processing of wrongful death actions, including the type of damage recoverable, is governed by Arizona statute. Damages are based upon the economic and emotional loss suffered by the decedent’s surviving beneficiaries, which may include a surviving spouse, surviving children, or others depending upon the circumstances.
There are statutes of limitation on personal injury and wrongful death claims, so you should act immediately to protect your rights.